Appreciating Viewing Stones (suiseki)


Back in 2012, I was fortunate enough to attend the BCI convention in Denver, Colorado. There was a Chrysanthemum Stone exhibit in addition to other viewing stones on display that were very beautiful natural pieces of art. Members of the International Viewing Stone Association of Tokyo, Japan donated viewing stones for an auction that benefited Bonsai Clubs International. This particular viewing stone (pictured above) was donated by Hiroshi Saito, it was found at the Sakawa river in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan. The auction was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I was lucky to win this stone!

Here are some more viewing stone photos that I took at the convention. Most of these stones are form Asia, however the jade stone was found in the United States. Stone appreciation in the US has been gaining popularity over recent years. I won’t mention names, but a bonsai professional once said to me that stone collecting has been slow to take in the US because you can’t style a stone.  😉


Chrysanthemum stone


Waterfall stone



This one looks like an arch stone to me.



Qixia stone, Poetic Name; Elephant in Banyon



Vulcan botryoidal jade. This stone was found by Ken McLeod (and his dogs) of California, one of the best stone collectors in the United States


Chrysanthemum stone



Mountain stone


Chrysanthemum stone

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