About Us

Over time our love for nature has brought us to practice the living art of bonsai.  To nature we owe much gratitude, as it has helped us translate our passion for all things natural into an art form that we can share with you.  Welcome to our blog.  It is one of many on the information super highway, but we hope you find it helpful throughout your personal bonsai journey.

If we’re not out watering trees we enjoy collecting in the mountains, looking for suiseki, and pondering the next kusamono or shitakusa plantings. Bonsai, bonsai, bonsai… oh the complexity of a one track mind ;-).

Considering that bonsai is not a very predominant in our area–and maybe you are experiencing the same thing–this blog was also created to further develop even the slightest interest in all things bonsai. Within these pages we hope you find your own connection and inspiration of happiness the world of bonsai can offer.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us and has helped us along the way.  To our local friends and family to distant friends and bonsai professionals we owe many thanks.




One Response to About Us

  1. Joseph Richinelli says:

    I’m excited to start my bonsai hobby


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