Here are a few maples from our collection that are for sale. If you are interested we can accept 25% as a down payment. Please contact us for pricing via email Serious inquiries only please.

This gorgeous and rare Kashima Japanese maple is for sale! I am downsizing my collection and would like to share this beautiful maple with another maple lover.

20″ tall 34″ wide 4″ trunk 11″ nebari

Maple  Image 20  Image 21Image 18  Image 16Image 15  Image 17




This Acer palmatum Green Japanese maple is for sale! The awesome multi trunk or clump tree would make a great addition to your collection. It has beautiful foliage throughout spring, summer and fall.

28″ tall 27″ wide 7″ nebari

Image 5  Image 2Image 4  Image 3Image 1  Image 6



This Acer palmatum ‘Arakawa’ Japanese maple is for sale! The rough bark tree has a great canopy with lots of branching.  It is a very nice specimen that I have enjoyed, but am ready to pass it along to another good home. 

27″ tall 27″ wide 4″ trunk 7″ nebari

Image 14  Image 9Image 10   Image 7 Image 8  Image 13   Image 11  Image 12

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