Here are a couple of pines from our collection that are for sale. If you are interested we can accept 25% as a down payment. Please contact us for pricing via email Serious inquiries only please.

SOLD – Pinus thunbergii Corticosa cork bark Japanese Black Pine

10″ tall 11″ wide 3″ trunk 4″ nebari

Image 49

This image shows the tree after it was repotted in Spring 2014. I did not de-candle the tree this year because I was encouraged by Peter Tea to just let it grow this year and de-candle next year in 2015.

Image 50 Image 51 Image 52 Image 53 Image 54 Image 56 Image 57 Image 58


SOLD – Here is a great shohin Mikawa Japanese Black Pine. It was originally styled by Suthin Sukosolvisit in 2013. It was de-candled this past June (2014) and new buds are developing nicely. By fall the new needles will be super short.

6″ tall 8″ wide 1 1/2″ trunk 3″ nebari

Image 59 Image 60 Image 61 Image 62 Image 63 Image 64 Image 65 Image 66


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